Q. If I coin up my Bally E-2000 Slot, pull the handle, and the reels do not
stop spinning. I tried pushing the reset button, but there was no response.
What is the problem?

A. The first thing I would suspect is the 8 amp 50 V.A.C. fuse.Check the
fuse, if it is blown, look behind the slug rejector to see if a coin has slipped
in behind and is shorting across the lockout coil. Remove coin and replace
blown fuse.

Q. My slot or poker machine will not accept any coins. The coins keep
returning to the coin tray, any ideas?

A. Always check your win meter (slot), or screen (poker) for a tilt code or tilt
message. Then refer to your machine manual for an explanation of this tilt. Take
care of the problem of the stuck coin in hopper, coin acceptor etc. Remove stuck
or jammed coin. Reset or close door, depending on game type. Continue playing.

Q. I recently removed one of the P.C. Boards in my game to show a friend. I
returned the board correctly, but now the machine won't work. What did I do

A. P.C.Boards are extremely sensitive to static electricity. You should always
ground yourself to remove any static build up on your person before touching
any P.C. Board. The carpet in your home can generate large amounts of static
while you are walking across it. If you have to remove a board or when putting
one in, sit down in front of the game and touch the metal chassis of the machine.
You will hear a popping noise. It is now safe to remove any board. Make sure
power is turned off. Do not move your feet around on the carpet and generate
more static.

Q. I have an I.G.T. Video Poker, model # 701 Fortune One. The picture gets
distorted after it has been running for an hour or so. When I open the door to
see if I can find anything wrong, the picture slowly straightens out. Why is this?

A. This is a common problem. Check your fan motor. You will probally see
that it is barely turning or not at all. Also check air vent to fan, they can become
clogged with dirt and dust. It is a good idea to blow the dust out of these areas
every so often. This will help keep the heat vented from your machine.

Q. On my S-5000 Bally Slot, I can coin up machine, pull handle, but the reels
do not spin.What is the most likely problem?

A. You might try cleaning the metal reflecting flag, located inside handle box,
just behind handle optic board, with a Q-Tip. If you still have no reel spin,
your handle optic board may be bad. You can still use the spin button while
the optic is being repaired.

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