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Electronic Slot Machine Repair

That Restores Your Equipment

We offer reasonable pricing, good customer service and quality work.

Customer relationships are a number one priority to us. Please do not hesitate to email or call Alan, he will do his best to help you out or guide you in the direction that you may need for your slot machine or poker machine problems. K-LAR is truly a unique company since we specialize in working on older slot machines (both reel and video) and their related boards.

Alan has been in the gaming industry since moving to Las Vegas in 1977, where he studied and worked in the engineering lab at a local gaming company to learn the nuts and volts of how gaming systems operate. He ran a slot repair shop in a well-known casino for 10 years. He has also designed software and hardware to animate many popular casino signs. For the past 10 years Alan has been working for K-LAR Electronic Slot Repair and has fixed a variety of machines and related boards along with doing service calls all over the Las Vegas valley. Alan has been a great asset to K-LAR and he looks forward to continuing to help you with your needs.

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