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Whether you need Bally slot machine repair , A pinball machine, arcade or service for another brand, K-LAR consistently offers precise workmanship. We provide parts and service for many types of electronic slot machines including Bally, Gottlieb, Stern, Sega, Neo-Geo, IGT, SIGMA, and CEI to name few.


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Bally's Electro-Mechanical

  • Major Tune-up which includes:

  • Repairs

  • Cleaning

  • Lube

  • Switch Cleaning

  • Adjustments

  • Coin Check


Bally's Series E-1000, E-2000, Slots  
plus Bally Video products including the V-2000, V5500 and Game Maker

  • Machine Repair

  • Tune-ups

  • 3 and 4 Card Racks.

Bally's Slot & Video models # 5000, 5000 Plus Series

  • Machine Repair

  • Tune-ups

  • All PC Board Repairs, Silver Power Supply (AS-2982-7)

  • Black Power Supply (AS-2982-11)

  • Key Pads available for programing options.


Bally's Pro-Slot # 5500 and 6000 Series

  • Machine Repair

  • Tune-ups

  • All PC Board Repairs.

If you have a Bally Maverick with a dead battery, we can fix that!

Simply send us your full box with the board. Email us for more information.

Some of the Bally machine services that we offer


Some of the IGT machine services that we offer

I.G.T. Fortune One model # 701 & Fortune Two

  • Machine Repair

  • Tune-ups

  • All PC Board Repairs.


I.G.T. S & S Plus Slots, P.E & P.E. Plus Poker (Players Edge)

  • Machine Repair

  • Tune-ups

  • All PC Board Repairs.



Some of the CEI machine services that we offer

C.E.I. Poker (only)

  • PC Board Repair

  • Omega 903, 904 & 906 level boards.



Some of the SIGMA machine services that we offer


  • First generation, slot and poker boards.


Other Service Repairs

Video Monitor Repair

  • RGB




Bally Ribbon Cables

  • 2 & 3 way 16 pindip - any length.

Pinball and Arcade repairs and restore

  • Stern

  • Gottlieb

  • Sega

  • Nintendo

  • Neo-Geo

  • Data East

  • Atari

Comparator Repair - Denomination

  • 5¢ , 25¢ , $1, $5, $10, $25
    CC10's, CC16's CC30's, CC33's, CC37's,
    CC40's, CC41's, CC62's, DD62's,

  • Clean

  • Repair

  • Adjust to reject most slugs.

Bill validators

  • DBV145, DBV200, WBA 10, 11, 12, 13
    Calibration, cleaning, testing and updating.


Bally's, IGT, CEI. and Sigma are trademarked under their respective brand with all rights reserved.